Eileen Juric is a teacher for teachers who care: teachers who care about process with purpose, teachers who care about students and their growth, and teachers who care about making a difference with a meaningful contribution.



PowerDance Technique empowers teachers with innovative exercises designed to engage and support a new generation of dancers.




purpose-built instructional content for every teacher in every genre

the collective

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the technique predicament

The fast-paced world of competitions and performances leaves little time to focus on technique as rehearsals, choreography, and costumes take center stage. Studio owners and instructors are in great need of a tool to help them get the technique job done.

Need 1:
a technique program that can be used in every class from contemporary to hip hop

Need 2:
movements that target the specific corrections teachers give over and over

Need 3:
exercises that empower students to self-correct their own alignment and movement

The Solution.
Enter PowerDance Technique, an innovative program that rewires dancers' bodies by teaching them first and foremost how to feel correct alignment and movement initiation. Creator Eileen Juric has carefully crafted these exercises and combinations to reveal underlying issues and to engage the specific "mystery muscles" needed for stability and power.

Learn and Teach.
Eileen's videos guide teachers through each series of movements with helpful tips as she shares insight from her vast background in training and teaching.

Practice and Repeat.
After learning these movements in class, students can practice them at home and incorporate them into their own training regimen and warm-up routine.

The Result. Students gain body awareness through personal experience and take ownership of their individual development as dancers.



latest release: the elements series

These three elements videos address individual choreography components present in nearly every performance: extensions, leaps, and turns. Help your students lock in their alignment, identify their muscle groups, and harness their power with these purpose-built movement combinations.


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Dance Industry Leaders Recommend PowerDance Technique

“I am so impressed by the wealth of knowledge that Eileen Juric has shared with educators through her series of videos.  The concepts are accessible for both teachers and their students, and they all keep the attention focused on gaining sure footing with technique as well as having an enjoyable (click to read more)..."

Maurice Brandon Curry
Artistic Director, Eglevsky Ballet

"Miss Eileen’s insight into body mechanics is top notch, but what sets her apart from others is her ability to translate the sophisticated interactions of muscle control into language that is understandable, relatable, and memorable! She empowers her students to take charge (click to read more)..." 

Tricia Gomez
Creator, Hip Hop In a Box


"Students of all ages are learning to have control of their body to continue to develop that technique that is so very important to every style of dance. Every time teachers and students have classes with Ms. Eileen...they are excited to take her techniques and exercises back to their studios (click to read more)..."

Will Shover
Gear Up Conventions