Maurice Brandon Curry

artistic director,
eglevsky ballet

"In my capacity as Artistic Director of Eglevsky Ballet, I have always identified that our most difficult task is making sure that our youngest dancers have the strongest foundation available.  With that in mind, our Children’s Ballet Mistress, faculty, and I have created a syllabus combining the best of what we believe are the best training methods available.  Our research started with BalletBarreNone’s incredible 3-DVD series “The Children’s Hour of Power.”  And quite frankly, it could have ended there as it is a complete and complimentary approach to training the young dancer.  I am so impressed by the wealth of knowledge that Eileen Juric has shared with educators through her series of videos.  The concepts are accessible for both teachers and their students and they all keep the attention focused on gaining sure footing with technique as well as having an enjoyable experience. What a way to wake up a ballet class!"

Tricia Gomez

hip hop in a box

global director,
rhythm works integrative dance

"Miss Eileen’s insight into body mechanics is top notch, but what sets her apart from others is her ability to translate the sophisticated interactions of muscle control into language that is understandable, relatable, and memorable! She empowers her students to take charge of their bodies and improve self-awareness. Simply put, Miss Eileen puts the FUN into FUNdamentals!"

Will Shover


"Miss Eileen is always a Favorite at Dance Machine ANDC's Gear-Up Conventions. Students and Teachers alike always say that was the Best Ballet Class ever!!! Eileen gives you traditional and technical ballet with a new twist that makes learning proper technique not only fun but presents a challenge that helps to expand the mind of the dancer. It gives the teacher an approach that makes students want to truly understand their body improving movement. Her series works for every level of dancer and can grow with dancers.  Even older students who need to develop technique that have "bad habits" can gain from Eileen's program. Students of all ages are learning to have control of their body to continue to develop that technique that is so very important to every style of dance. Every time teachers and students have classes with Ms. Eileen at our Gear Up Conventions they are excited to take her techniques and exercises back to their studios. Simply put Eileen Juric is BRILLIANT and is helping to give a boost to Ballet technique when it is most needed for the dancers of the next generation."