PowerDance Technique:
a fast track in the right direction

In today's competition climate of flash and dash, technique can fall by the wayside. And while choreography and costumes may be spot on, a performance can't truly take flight without a strong technical foundation behind the tricks and transitions.

Eileen Juric's innovative PowerDance Technique program turns the technique approach inside-out and shifts the focus toward feeling. Carefully-design exercises teach students how to align their bodies and activate their muscles with a layered progression, equipping them with greater power and control in every genre of dance.



dancer perspectives

She teaches us how to refine our movement…working on the floor with the exercise, you learn to understand what muscles you should be using. One of my favorite standing excercises is learning how to spot...
— Sarah Pippin
It actually helped me improve my hip hop…it helped me tremendously, especially to find my groundedness in the floor...it helps me tap into where I am when I am moving through the movement...
— Jacob Melvin
This program helps me realize where my real turnout should be...to catch myself when I’m not aligned properly….and to feel my hips in the socket, where they are supposed to be, instead of a forced place...
— Jake Tribus