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PowerDance Technique Elements Series


The Elements Series targets the underlying mechanics for today's most popular choreography components: extensions, leaps, and turns. Help your students lock in their alignment, identify their muscle groups, and harness their power with these purpose-built movement combinations. Upon purchase, you will have access to download the videos to your devices and view them online anytime.


Expose essential movement rooted in the shoulders and hips by coordinating the upper body with the lower body.

  • greater standing leg stability and height of extended leg
  • balanced resistance in both arms and both legs
  • equalized turnout in the hips and shoulders
  • activated core with conditioning for leaps and second turns

Improve mechanics by breaking down turns to their essential components: two eyes and two feet.

  • greater control and numbers of revolutions in turns
  • focused shoulder/head mechanism with intentional set-up and return
  • improved focus and clarity in spotting to support spiral and spring 
  • higher heel position at the end of the turn

Unleash the elasticity of full-body rotation to create powerful spiral and spring in takeoffs and landings. 

  • greater height and numbers of revolutions in jumps
  • targeted resistance to external force and compression within entire body
  • reaffirmed "power of the down” for upward lift
  • consistent turnout activation on the standing leg with improved transitions


Children's Hour of Power 3-DVD Series

In addition to PowerDance Technique, Eileen is the creator of the highly-acclaimed BalletBarreNone program. This preparatory ballet-based program, designed for ages 3-9 years, is a fresh alternative to barre classes. The beginning levels take students on a grand adventure through a fantasy world of trains, mountains, and ships. As students progress through the program, they transition from fantasy to reality with a healthy balance of hard work and fun. Students build a foundation of muscular structure and body awareness preparing them for success in every genre of dance.