Our current video offerings are included below, and we will be releasing additional videos in the coming months!

PowerDance Technique's Elements Series Videos can be purchased individually or as a complete set through Vimeo On Demand. Upon purchase, you will have access to download the videos to your devices and view them online anytime.


elements series :: extensions

These full-body activation exercises expose essential movement rooted in the shoulder and hip knobs. The upper and lower "decks" are coordinated and activated for grounded stability with the standing leg and for optimum height with the raised leg. Dynamic layers elevate this battement-based exercise to the level of muscularity and conditioning required for leaps and second turns. Benefits include:

  • balanced resistance in both arms and both legs
  • back engagement with downward shoulder placement
  • equalized turnout in the hips and shoulders
  • activated core with muscle conditioning
  • increased range of motion for higher extensions

elements series :: turns

This movement combination eliminates poor technique habits by breaking down turns to their essential components: two eyes and two feet. Dancers learn to ground their alignment on both feet before transitioning to a single leg, and they learn to feel the proper shoulder/head mechanism with intentional set-up and return. Inherently diagnostic, the exercise brings underlying issues to the surface as it builds with modified arms, plie removal, and turning to the side. Benefits include:

  • improved focus and clarity in spotting
  • spiral and spring stemming from the spot
  • more grounded and lifted body position
  • higher heel position at the end of the turn
  • greater control and numbers of revolutions 

elements series :: takeoffs + landings

This progression unleashes the elasticity of full-body rotation to create powerful spiral and spring. Its exercises target both resistance to external force and also compression within the entire body, reaffirming the power of “the down” to create upward lift. They fit seamlessly into a jazz or contemporary class warm-up while developing mechanics and muscular elements needed for each successful takeoff and landing. Benefits include:

  • fully articulated feet and fully engaged seat
  • consistent turnout activation on the standing leg
  • higher jumps and greater numbers of revolutions
  • improved transitions through full use of turnout

Children's Hour of Power 3-DVD Series

In addition to PowerDance Technique, Eileen is the creator of the highly-acclaimed BalletBarreNone program. This preparatory ballet-based program, designed for ages 3-9 years, is a fresh alternative to barre-based classes. The beginning levels take students on a grand adventure through a fantasy world of trains, mountains, and ships. Students are having fun while building a foundation of muscular structure, muscle memory, and body awareness. The more advanced levels deliver dancers into a reality of hard work and humor that prepares them for success in every genre of dance. 


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video series


video series


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