teacher training workshops

Would your group of teachers benefit from some time focused on themselves and their craft? Would you like some guidance incorporating technique-driven exercises into your existing teaching style and program?

Eileen begins teacher workshops with a group discussion to better understand your specific interests and needs. During the training sessions that follow, Eileen will provide exercises and methods addressing your specific requests and coach you through implementing them in your classes. You can invite a "test group" of students to training sessions, or you can try these methods on one another as teachers.

There are a variety of subject areas Eileen can cover, and there are a variety of ways she can structure the vision session and training sessions.

master classes

Would your students benefit from technique-focused instruction? Are there specific critiques they continue to receive from judges - or specific corrections they continue to receive from teachers - that need to be addressed?

Eileen offers technique master classes for dancers of all ages and levels. Her exercises break down and the essentials of movement, fix underlying issues, and then build these mechanics back together with dynamic, progressive layers. Eileen's teaching embraces the role of struggle in the process of figuring out how to command and control one's body.

This experiential approach encourages exploration as the dancer gains a deeper understanding of their mind-body connection from the inside out. As a result, students are able to self-diagnose and take ownership over their development as dancers.


conventions + conferences

Would your convention or conference benefit from the expertise and energy that Eileen delivers?

Eileen has taught with a variety of top-level institutions including CLI Studios, the Joffrey Ballet School, the Dance Teacher Summit, Rhee Gold's DanceLife Teacher Conference, Starbound Conventions, and the Florence Summer Dance Intensive.

tailored package

Would your studio or organization benefit from a combination of the offerings above?

We can create a custom package to benefit your instructors and/or dancers. Eileen can teach small groups to groups of 200+ in line with your specific needs. We also offer special rates to studios interested in hosting events with teachers from nearby studios.